Immigration Law Attorney

Immigration Law Attorney

Immigration law addresses issues that deeply affect families from around the world. Since a complex array of federal laws governs immigration policies and practices in the United States, it is essential for those facing legal challenges to have the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration attorney. More information @ best immigration attorney San Antonio

At our Law Firm, we provide personalized guidance and focused legal representation in a full range of immigration matters, including immigrant and non-immigrant family-based visas, green cards, deportation and removal cases, and deferred actions through the DREAM Act. If you entrust your important matter to us, we will handle every aspect of your case, working strategically and aggressively to help you reach your goals. Our areas of practice include:

Employment-Based Immigration

Some foreign workers are able to obtain permanent residency in the United States, while many others receive temporary visas. While the immigration process is much more technical and more difficult than in other types of immigration cases, an experienced immigration lawyer can help you, a loved one or an employee apply for permanent residency or for an H-1B visa.immigration lawyers

An H-1B visa is typically granted to workers with specialized knowledge and higher education relevant to a particular type of job. If you or a family member has the qualifications for an H-1B and has sponsorship from an employer, our firm can advise you and help you navigate the processes required to secure a visa.

Investment Visas

The United States government awards nonimmigrant visas and permanent resident (green card) status to foreign investors and business owners who can demonstrate significant financial commitment, hire workers, and otherwise contribute to the economy. Our firm can assist you in pursuing investment-based visas such as:

An E-2 visa: An E-2 treaty investor visa is designed for foreign nationals from countries with which the United States has relevant treaties. In order to obtain an E-2 visa, an applicant must meet specific criteria with regard to the size of the investment, nature of the business, and participation in the operations of the business.
An L-1 visa: An L-1A visa, valid for up to seven years, can be obtained for certain executive or managerial transferees within a company doing significant business in the United States. An L1-B visa, valid for up to five years, can be obtained for employees with special knowledge or skills.

Family-Based Immigration

If you are trying to keep your family together or reunite family members, our firm can assist you in obtaining an appropriate family-based visa or green card. We are well versed in all aspects of family-based immigration, including marriage visas and K-1 fiancé/fiancée nonimmigrant visas that can be granted to the fiancé or fiancée of a U.S. citizen. We can advise you if you are concerned about dependent parents, children, or other relatives who are affected by an immigration matter.

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