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Injured in a Car Wreck? Knowing What You Must do is Very Important in Winning Compensation When the Other Driver is Negligent

Have you or a loved one recently been the victim of a major car wreck? While recovering from your injuries, you will need to know how to protect your legal rights against those who were negligent. They may want to deny you fair damage compensation for the painful and expensive injuries you and your family must bear in the wake of this accident attorneys

Car accidents can range from a minor fender bender in a parking lot that poses few challenges when it comes to compensating you for damages and other losses. Or they can be destructive wrecks that cause major injuries, deep physical and psychological scars on the lives of the unlucky drivers and passengers, and even the possibility of long-term disability or even a violent and painful death. If the wreck is not your fault, regardless of whether it was minor or more serious, you have a legal right to seek compensation. You have the right to file a claim for financial, physical, and emotional injuries you suffered in your car crash at the hands of the neglectful driver who caused it. It is impossible to compute, or even guess the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled without the assistance of a car accident attorney because the damages you have a right to seek to depend on many variables surrounding the circumstances of your auto wreck.

This article will to explain some of the basics of auto personal injury cases and help you understand the clear need to hire an attorney experienced attorney in personal injury law if you wish to receive fair legal damages. Some of you might feel you can manage this matter on your own. If it’s just a little fender-bender and no one was injured, it’s certainly possible. If you or any of your passengers suffered moderate to serious injury, you are very wise to retain an experienced car accident attorney who knows the intricacies of Texas auto accident liability cases and the best way to handle each one. Going it alone, or with substandard legal counsel and all you’re asking for is a lot of trouble. Your opponents will be all-too-happy to give it to you.

The time after being seriously injured in a car accident is often stressful and confusing to the victims and their families. Don’t add to the stress and confusion by letting an inexperienced attorney handle your case or represent yourself when you are unqualified to look out for your or your family’s best interests. We are uniquely qualified and fully prepared to fight for and win the fairest compensation for your total damage claims. If you or someone you know was injured in a car accident, contact an attorney at our Law Offices today at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

Your Questions Answered From Our Attorneys

Your Questions Answered From Our Attorneys

Q: What is a contingency fee?

A: At our Law Office we handle most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we collect attorneys’ fees only if you recover compensation for your losses and expenses. Generally, our fees will constitute a percentage of your award, which will be predetermined before we proceed with your case. If you do not receive any financial compensation, we will not bill you for our attorneys’ services.accident injury lawyers

Q: How long do I have to file suit for my injuries and damage?

A: The “statute of limitation” for bringing suit will vary depending upon the circumstances. Unless you bring a lawsuit in the proper time, you are barred from doing so. It is critical to contact an attorney for proper advice. In some cases, it may be one year, but in other cases, it may be much shorter. If a “public entity” is liable, you may need to file a “tort claim” with the public entity within a few months, or you are barred from suing the public entity. Many people are confused about what a public entity is. A public entity may include the obvious, like a state, county or city government and schools, but it may also include a utility or private companies in contract with the government.

Q. Should I provide any statements to an insurance company?

A: Without an attorney, we advise that you only provide basic information such as names and addresses. An insurance company requesting information from you may be placing its own interests above your own. The more severe the injuries and property damage resulting from an accident, the more consideration you should give to obtaining legal representation from a competent auto accident attorney.

Q: The other driver was uninsured; can I still be compensated?

A: Although state law requires that motorists prove their ability to pay for personal injury or property damage in the event of an auto accident by purchasing insurance, many drivers simply ignore this obligation. Other motorists choose to purchase the lowest amount of coverage allowed by law. These uninsured and underinsured drivers are frequently unable to cover the costs of the accidents that they are involved in; as a result, the victims of their negligence end up assuming responsibility for expenses that were not their fault. An essential part of any automobile accident investigation includes identifying and pursuing all available insurance sources, including underinsurance and uninsured motorist coverage.
Although your insurance company may be obligated to pay damages for your medical expenses and other financial hardships caused by the collision, securing fair payment is often difficult. These claims are frequently delayed, underpaid, or wrongfully denied. Contact one of our accident attorneys to learn how we can help you recover the compensation that you are legally owed.

Q: Is there a minimum personal injury settlement amount?

A: No, there is no minimum or maximum settlement amount. The amount of a settlement in a personal injury case depends on a lot of factors, including:
The nature and extent of the injury;
The amount of economic damages (such as lost wages and medical bills); and,
The amount of time the injury is expected to last.
If you’re trying to put a value on a specific case, it would be a good idea to check with a lawyer near you

Q: How do I collect my personal injury award?

A: If the person against whom you have the judgment has insurance, the easiest thing to do is simply to notify the insurance company of your judgment (if they’re not already aware of it). The insurance company will usually just write a check for the damages up to the limit of the insurance policy. If the person against whom you have the judgment is uninsured, collecting won’t be as easy. You must have the judgment “entered” with the court and then seek to “enforce” the judgment. There are actually attorneys who specialize in collecting judgments, and it would be a good idea to consult with one.

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Pedestrian Accidents Have Catastrophic Outcomes

Pedestrian Accidents Have Catastrophic Outcomes

About 1,000 pedestrians are injured in the United States every day by negligent motorists. As experienced auto accident attorneys, we know that pedestrian accidents can result in catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, paralysis and even death. All of us are pedestrians at one time or another, and, most of time, we do reach our destinations safely. However, as statistics show, these pedestrian accidents occur more often than they should. The best way to avoid accidents is to be prepared and be aware of vehicles around you as well as your surroundings.

Here are seven valuable tips to avoid tragic pedestrian accidents:
Cross only at marked crosswalks or intersections. Some accidents involve pedestrians who are hit by cars while crossing at a location where they are not supposed to be crossing. Always make sure you are legally crossing in a crosswalk or at an intersection. In the event that you are hit and injured while legally crossing, the law protects you. A jury in a civil personal injury case looking at your injury accident is very likely to rule in your favor.

See and be seen. You can do so by wearing reflective clothing if you are walking at night or at a busy intersection. Try and stay out of a driver’s blind spot as far as you can. Always carry a flashlight while walking in the dark. And make eye contact with drivers when you cross the street.

Remember what you were taught as a child. Look to the left, right and then left again for traffic. Stopping at the curb tells drivers that you intend to cross the street.

Please do not drink and attempt to cross a busy street. Using drugs and alcohol severely impairs your judgment. It is extremely dangerous to walk when you have been drinking or when you are under the influence of drugs.

Watch your children. Small children should not cross streets by themselves or be allowed to play or walk near traffic.

Obey traffic signals. At intersections where the traffic flow is controlled by signals or a traffic officer, pedestrians must obey the signal and not cross against the stop signal unless directed to do so by an officer.

In case of bad weather, take care that your umbrella or raincoat does not prevent approaching vehicles from seeing you. Always be visible to drivers.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident as a result of a negligent driver, please contact our law firm for skilled legal representation in your case. We are experienced personal injury attorneys who have been fighting for the rights of injured victims for 25 years. Call us and we’ll send you a free brochure about pedestrian accidents.

Our personal injury attorneys have worked to protect the rights of injury and accident victims for more than 20 years as civil litigators. We work to maintain the objective of making a difference to those who have been wronged by another.

In the extensive period that we have been litigating injury cases, we have acquired invaluable legal knowledge to assist injury victims and their families in obtaining just compensation for the physical harm and emotional suffering that has befallen upon them at no fault of their own.

In acquiring millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, our dedication has helped accident victims in receiving the monetary funds that they need to help pay for expenses associated with their injuries brought on by another individual’s negligence. Please visit this website