Truck Accident Attorney Texas

Truck Accident Attorney Texas
If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help.

A trucking wreck injury sustained via a trucking wreck tends to be more serious than injuries sustained in other crash types. This is due largely in part to the size of trucks and how they tower over smaller vehicles. Imagine crashing into an eighteen wheeler or having one fall over on a compact car. The results can mean serious bodily harm or even death. There are some sure fire ways for truck drivers and non-truck drivers alike to avoid a trucking crash injury. The best advice is be a safe driver! Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. The easiest way to be safe is to follow the rules of the road. Drivers need to remember their training no matter what license class they have.

Driver Negligence
It happens all too often that negligence is the cause of a trucking wreck injury. The number one way trucking accidents occur is improper lane change. The second most popular is speeding. Both of these are negligent activities that had they been avoided, so would have the trucking wreck injury. All the rules of the road need to be followed but following them especially careful when driving a big rig is important. Cars traveling around these large trucks should also be careful and be aware of the choices they are making. Never ever tailgate a large truck and truckers should never tailgate cars. This is a dangerous practice. Driving too closely is more dangerous in a truck. This is because of their mammoth size. Using caution and being aware of other vehicles driving on the road is going to ensure a longer life when trucks are involved. Keep in mind the top reasons for trucking wreck injuries and be extra careful around and in trucks. Use a turning signal when changing lanes or passing. Give a lot of space. Do not tailgate. Not only is this going to keep drivers alive but it is also going to ensure they are not pulled over and ticketed by a police officer.

Another example of negligence is driving while intoxicated. It is 100% illegal to operate a moving vehicle with a blood alcohol count above .08. Not too mention that inebriated drivers are not going to make smart decisions behind the wheel. Perceptions are skewed when under the influence. The danger is already great when someone is drinking and driving in a sedan on a suburban street but it is greatly increased when a truck is involved. Trucking wreck injuries received as a result of a drunk truck driver puts that driver and the company he represents at risk for a lawsuit. It is important that anyone injured in a trucking wreck contact an attorney to discuss their circumstance. Commercial vehicles have greater laws when concerning alcohol. Many states are adopting a zero tolerance law when it comes to imbibing drugs or alcohol and operating a commercial vehicle. Most large trucks are commercial vehicles so victims should keep that in mind. Medications can also pose a risk. Of course medications are prescribed by doctors and often need to be taken. It is important that drivers read the label and follow all instructions in regards to driving.

Distracted Driving
It should also go without saying that cell phone use is dangerous when trucking. There are numerous options for hands free devices making cell phone use reckless as well as unnecessary. Cell phones, even above alcohol use, are the leading cause of avoidable accidents. Don’t be a statistic. Keep both hands on the wheel in order to avoid a trucking wreck injury. Not doing so takes away full control over the vehicle. It also limits reaction time. One handed driving causes excessive steering which is another popular cause of trucking wreck injury. The best way to avoid excessive steering is by having both hands planted firmly on the steering wheel. Proper steering can also help avoid roll overs.

Trucking accident attorney 101 is all about learning about truckinging accidents and how having an attorney can benefit you. If you’ve been injured in a truckinging accident, it is important that you read on to discover how having the right attorney can help you get the compensation you are owed. Truckinging accidents tend to result in more serious injuries than other accident types. A good attorney can help you win your case and make sure that you’re compensated fairly.

The first part of trucking accident attorney 101 is all about the different types of truckinging accidents. There are many different ways a trucking accident can occur. The most common reason for a truckinging accident is improper lane change. Improper lane change can be difficult to prove all on your own. This is because it can come down to your word vs. the drivers. A good trucking accident attorney will be able to help you prove this case type. They will use eye witness accounts, expert opinions and accident reconstruction to prove how the driver improperly changed lanes.

Truck accident attorney 101 would like you to know trucking accidents are caused by more than just improper lane change. It is possible you’ve been injured by a negligent trucking driver who fell asleep at the wheel or made another untimely mistake that caused you injury or a family member’s death. Truckings come with sophisticated equipment that can monitor a truckinger’s behavior. These instruments may be tampered with, which is why it is important to contact an attorney as soon as you can. They will swoop in and gather this information quickly and then use it to prove negligence. No matter what a trucking driver did to cause the accident, your attorney is going to show the court and the insurance company(s), how the driver was at fault in order to win your case.